SoM Module - Renesas RZ/G1E with 1GB DDR3

SoM Module - Renesas RZ/G1E with 1GB DDR3

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RZG1/E SOM MODULE is based on Renesas RZG1/E processor. RZG1/E family is specifically suited to serve applications like Industrial IoT Gateway, HMI, PLCs, Embedded Video analytics, NVR, DVR etc.

  • Key Features

    • ARM dual Cortex-A7 @1GHz, 3800 DMIPS
    • Primary cache memory: 64 KB (separated 32K instruction/32K data, TLB128 entry)
    • Secondary cache memory: 512 KB (with CoreLink™ Level 2 Cache Controller L2C-310)
    • Industrial Grade CIP Linux 4.14 Support
    • 501 FCBGA
  • Memory Complex

    • 1GB DDR3
    • 4GB eMMC Flash
    • 2MB SPI NOR Flash
    • Optional On board Micro-SD Socket
  • External Bus Interfaces

    • 8/16 bit Multiplexed external Bus interface with one chip select available at SODIMM connector
    • Supports both Asynchronous and synchronous mode
    • Supports for DMA read and Write requests
    • Support for External WAIT request
    • Programmable setup / hold times
    • Programmable addressing capability
  • Video Display Interfaces

    • 18-bit digital (6 bits/color)
    • Programmable output format - RGB 6:6:6 or 5:6:5 or 5:5:5 on 18-bit digital interface
  • Ethernet Interfaces

    • 1 port 10/100Mbps PHY is included on the SOM
  • Video Inputs

    • Video input interface x 2 channels ( One optional)
    • YCbCr-422 data through the ITU-R BT.601, ITU-R BT.656, or ITU-R BT.709 interface and RGB data through the ITUR BT.601 or ITU-R BT.709 interface
  • Miscellaneous Specifications

    • Debug Support: Onboard JTAG Header supporting ARM JTAG / ARM SWD
    • Physical size: 67.8mmx 37mm
    • Temperature: -20 to 70°C ( Depends on the mechanical case)
    • Power Input: 3.3V, 2A Typical
    • OS Support: Linux
    • REACH & RoHS Compliant