M.2 Dongle

LTE CAT-4 M.2 Module


LTE CAT-4 M.2 MODULE is a M.2 NGFF formfactor card based on Sierra Wireless WP7608, designed for Industrial-Grade devices with high data throughput but small form factor requirements. The device works on a nominal power supply of 3.3V. The module has a Compact Size -M.2 form factor-B key, 30 mm x 42 mm. Support for GPS data ( Active GPS Antenna supported) in NMEA format on USB port (Optional Feature). The module has a nano SIM connector. The module works with Linux Ubuntu and Windows 10 with Sierra Wireless Driver installed


Nominal Supply 3.3V
M.2 form factor-B key
USB 2.0 for easy host integration
Works with Linux Ubuntu and Windows 10
GPS Support
4G/LTE/3G Support


Product Specifications