Penguin SoM

Pengiun CPU Module


Penguin CPU Module is Linux running general purpose CPU Module with Integrated 5 port ethernet switch (With Integrated PHYs). It is based on a 575/580 MHz MIPS processor having internal Ethernet Switch as well as 802.11n MAC and baseband, a 2T24 2.4 GHz radio and FEM. It has onboard Flash and DDR memory. It supports multiple peripherals like I2C, I2S, UART, USB, eMMC interface and multiple GPIOs. All the Ethernet PHY interfaces and peripheral interfaces are brought out on two 30 pin connectors. This module is available with standard SDK and Cross compilation tool chain to enable user to develop their custom applications based on this CPU Module.


MIPS24KEc CPU running at 580 MHz
Internal 5 port Switch with 5-port 10/100 FE PHY
128MB DDR2 / 32MB NOR Flash/ eMMC Support
2T2R 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
3.3V +-5%, 1A
One USB 2.0 full speed capable Host interface
Operating Temperature range – 0 to 55 deg C
Linux ported


Product Specifications